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In 'FLOODLAND', a deeply traumatized girl of African origin is found wandering around in the polders of the borderland between Belgium and Holland. Tara, a Rotterdam police detective, and Bert, an Antwerp psychiatrist, try to get the girl to speak. ... 'Floodland' is based on an idea by Erik de Bruyn and Rik D'hiet.


What we did: Erik was showrunner,

cowriter and first director of the series,

JP Luijsterburg the editor. Next to the score of the Flemish composers, due to the wish of strong deadlines, we composed 61 tracks for this series. 


Writer Frans and his favorite character J.Kessels go to the Hamburg Reeperbahn to return a philandering crook to his wife and to finally fulfill Frans' pre-masturbatory sexual dreams. J. Kessels won quite some international awards


What we did: Erik directed this movie based on the hilarious novel of P.F. Thomese.

JP was the editor and developed the special sounddesign within that proces. 

Erik re-recorded some songs with Willy Berrevoets in the Avalanche Studio, of which he also sang two songs himself: Chug a Lug and Honky Tonk Song.


Distinguished by its vivid sense of place shown in the stark, arrestingly photographed landscapes of Zeeland island, off Holland’s southwest coast, “Wild Mussels” is a soulful story of friends torn between the powerful pull of the outside world and indissoluble ties to their isolated homeland. An award winning film, a critical hit in the Netherlands, and a new Dutch Classic; its universal themes and subdued humor should connect with festival audiences.

What we did: Erik wrote and directed this feature, JP was the editor and together with composer David van der Heijden, they built this amazing soundtrack. Erik also composed three tracks and sang 'Fire Girl'.


The performance Zwanensprong was inspired by the piece Zwanenzang (1887) by Anton Chekhov. Where in the original an old actor says a tired farewell to the stage, in Swan Leap two young actresses storm the empty stage to explode the world and breathe new life into theatre. What roles will be played in the future? What stories are told? The two actresses build, associate, radicalize and play away. They build worlds and prepare. Because one thing is certain: they will revive the theater. But once there, they realise that this is not so simple.

A special version for television has been made of this existing theater performance with director Erik de Bruyn.

What we did: Erik rewrote the theatreplay by Ko van den Bosch and directed this tv film.

JP was the editor, and together we composed the pieces for the score. 

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