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ERIK & JP bio

EDBJPL are  Erik de Bruyn and

JP Luijsterburg, a filmmaker and an editor. We worked together on several projects; feature films ( WILD MUSSELS, NADINE, ROAD DUSTER a.ka. J. KESSELS documentaries (IN EUROPE), commercials and most recently a tv series: FLOODLAND/GRENSLANDERS.

Being both musicians as well - JP as remixing artist and Erik as songwriter - we started composing music together as well. For the FLOODLAND series we composed around 60 tracks for score. Latest scoring was for tv film ZWANENSPRONG

So if you need your score to be:

- narrative and thematic

- uplifting

- rhytmic

- passionate and touching

- sound-designed

Then don't hesitate to contact us: Let your project take us on a journey together! 

JP Luijsterburg NCE
Erik de Bruyn

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